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The following electronic files are handouts that have been used in our classes.�� Click on the link to access the file.�� You can copy and paste it into a document and edit it to make it work for your own family, print it out, or simply read and enjoy the information.�� If you have any trouble accessing these documents, please e-mail Tammy and I will send the document to you.

These files become more �user-friendly� if you copy and paste them into a word document.


Recipes using Food Storage Items


Hard Cheese Basicsthis file provides basic information you need to know to make your own cheese at home:�����



Home Cheeses�� this file provides recipes for making home-made cheeses:http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5573272.aspx


Food Storage Beansthis file gives recipes for pressure canning or freezing beans so they are ready to use when needed:http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5573286.aspx


Homemade Yogurtthis file provides recipes for making yogurt with powdered milk or evaporated canned milk:http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5573307.aspx


Whole Wheat Bread ��this file reviews the basics of bread making and provides a recipe for great whole wheat bread:�� http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5574385.aspx



Make Ahead Quick Mixes for Breads and Grains


Brownie Mix:this file provides a recipe for a dry brownie mix that can be made at home.It includes recipes of cakes, cookies and brownies that can be made with this mix.



Granola Mix: this file gives the recipe for one of my favorite granolas that can be made ahead and frozen for longer shelf-life.



Hot Roll Mix:this file provides a recipe for a whole wheat roll dry mix that can be stored on the shelf.Instructions are given for using sprouted wheat flour as well as regular whole wheat flour.Recipes are included for several breads that can be made from this mix.



Muffin Mix: this file provides a recipe for a quick muffin mix that can be made at home using a combination of whole wheat and white flour.Recipes are included for several muffins that can be made from this mix.





Sweet Bread Mix:this file provides a recipe for Sweet Bread dry mix that can be made at home using a combination of whole wheat and white flours.Recipes are included for several sweet breads that can be made from this mix including banana bread and zucchini bread.



Waffle Mix: ��this file gives the recipe for a great quick mix to make home-made buttermilk waffles.The mix contains both whole wheat flour and white flour as well as powdered buttermilk.





Meal Planning Resources


Bag Mealsthis file gives several recipes for bag meals where all ingredients for the meal can be stored on the shelf, in a bag, and ready to use:http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5573265.aspx


My Favorite Bag Meals:this file gives you recipes for my favorite bag meals along with 10 categories to help you organize a storage system for 30 bag meals on the shelf that is easy to find.






Food Storage Management:


Food Preparation Day:this file provides a list of tasks that you can do in the Kitchen one or two days each month to turn your Food Storage into your Convenience Foods.




Yearly Schedule:this file provides a calendar of food preservation and gardening tasks to complete each month of the year.The timing of each task is coordinated with the time of year each item of produce is in season.http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5945182.aspx



Food Storage Factsthis file provides shelf life information and storage suggestions for several food items :




Inventory Worksheetsthis file is a worksheet to help you think through storage goals and containers needed for several food items:http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5572068.aspx


Sample Inventory Sheetsthis file separates the inventory list into shelf storage and freezer storage,it is already filled in with amounts to provide an example.You can simply copy and paste this document�� into your own Word Document and make changes as necessary to meet the needs of your family:




Grocery Listthis file is a sample grocery list that includes storage goals in parenthesis.It can be used each month to replenish your food storage.Simply copy and paste it into a Word Document, delete theitems your family does not use,add the items your family uses, and make other changes as needed to customize this list for your family:http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5573300.aspx


Wendy DeWitt Lecture Notes:This file contains information and recipes from Wendy DeWitt�s lecture on food storage.Wendy provides great information.She does recommend, however, baking breads and cakes in jars and storing them.�� I personally do not recommend this method of food storage.Her other information is great!












Gardening 101:This file gives the outline from our gardening class and includes websites and book resources as well as an overview of gardening basics.





In the Season Thereof:the following files give you recipes for food preservation for the items listed.









Home Production Equipment:


Cheese Pressthis file provides a picture diagram for making your own cheese press out of a 5 gallon bucket:http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5573279.aspx


Sprouting Equipment and Directions:this file provides information on how to sprout seeds and how to make your own seed sprouter with mason jars.http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5577136.aspx



Home Production and Storage:


Pressure Canning Basics:This file gives a brief overview of pressure canning with recipes for canning roast, chicken, sausage, hamburger and dried beans.



Home Preservations of Meats (Sausage and Jerky):This file contains recipes from our Jerky class taught by Boyd Bateman.There is also a recipe for sausage made from ground turkey for those watching fat intake.





Nutrition and Diet Recommendations:


Foundation for Health Food PlanThis file provides a picture diagram of the diet outlined by the LDS Word of Wisdom.The Food Groups are based on the positive recommendations of the Word of Wisdom.This file in not downloading correctly, so I posted a Slide presentation on the Word of Wisdom on the Blog.Just scroll down the blog until you find the �Foundation for Health Food Guide���������������������������������������� ��



Word of Wisdom:This file provides a written explanation of the Word of Wisdom diagram in the file above.






Natural Home Remedies and Herbal Products:


Therapeutic Herbs to Storethis file gives a list of common herbs and the physical ailments they are used for:http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5573293.aspx


Natural Health Care Basicsthis file gives an overview to the philosophies of Natural Health Care, it also gives recommendations for some of my favorites natural remedies

������������������������ ��http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p5573314.aspx


Nutritional Programsthis file lists several common ailments with the diet and herbal recommendations to use for each:��







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